Kaia Triad Stud



The chic essential that complements any look. This understated yet elegant piece features three brilliant-cut diamonds arranged to create a sleek and modern triangle design. Crafted from radiant white gold for a clean, minimalist aesthetic, the simplicity of the design allows the diamonds' radiance to stand out, ensuring extra sparkle. Perfect for everyday wear, these stud earrings are versatile and effortlessly stylish.

Metal   9k white gold
Length 5mm
Width 5mm
Type Lab-Grown Diamond
Shape Round Brilliant
Color White
Color Grade D-F
Clarity VS-VVS
Central Stone Carat 0.06
Total Carat 0.36
Certificate Brand certificate

Colored Perfection

A dash of color, a touch of personality that tells a story of your own. Our advanced technology brings rare hues like blue, pink, and yellow to life, each diamond exhibiting unparalleled clarity and brilliance. Let your colored diamond do the talking.

Don't Wear Diamonds. Wear Eco-Luxury

Choosing Colormond diamonds means choosing a sustainable future. Our lab-grown diamonds alleviate environmental harm, habitat destruction, and ethical issues associated with traditional mining. Don't just wear diamonds. Wear eco-luxury.

Feminine, Inside-Out

Founded by women, for women, Colormond celebrates the spirit of contemporary femininity—vibrant, versatile, and confident. Our diamonds aren’t just for celebrating milestones; they’re about rewarding yourself for every achievement and savoring every moment, big or small.